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Product Information ofSleepy Hollow Season 4 DVD

Actors: Tom Mison, Nicole Beharie
Language: English
Boxed Set: Yes
Number of discs: 3
Condition: New
Region: Region Free
Weight: 0.4 kg
Format: Support both NTSC & PAL
Rated: NR (Not Rated)
DVD Release Date: 2016

Sleepy Hollow Season 4 DVD

Summary of Sleepy​ Hollow Season 4 DVD

Ichabod and Abbie are able to free her, but soon after Katrina is captured by the Horseman, revealed to be Abraham "Brom" Van Brunt,Sleepy​ HollowSeason 4a former suitor.In Purgatory, Abbie learned that Moloch wanted to raise a demon army and she wanted to tell Ichabod. Meanwhile back on earth, Ichabod found a way to escape the coffin as Jenny broke free of her restraints.It is she who casts the spell of suspended animation on Ichabod, after his supposed 'fatal' wounding by the Horseman. She is unaware that the Horseman's blood mingled with Ichabod's, and that her husband's resurrection also signals the return of the Horseman. Katrina appears to Ichabod only in dreams,Sleepy​ HollowSeason 4 DVD telling him she is trapped in purgatory, a place between worlds, and can only be freed with the defeat of the Horseman.

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