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Reviews (0) Shetland Seasons 1-5 DVD Special FeaturesActors: Douglas HenshallLanguage: EnglishBoxed Set: Yes Number of discs: 10Condition: New Region: Region Free Weight: 1 kgFormat: Support both NTSC & PAL Rated: NR (Not Rated) DVD Release Date: 2018Shetland Seasons 1-5 DVD PhotosShetland Seasons 1-5 DVD Box SetShetland Seasons 1-5 DVD OverviewA journalist dies in a suspicious car accident, and when it turns out he was an old friend of Perez, a forensic scientist is called in to ensure an objective view of the case. As the team awaits her results,Shetland Seasons 1-5 DVD they look into the reasons for the victim's return to the island, and find he was chasing a lead about plans for a controversial new gas pipeline.The discovery of John Henderson's body leads DI Perez to wonder if this second killing is linked to the death of his journalist friend Jerry,Shetland Seasons 1-5a theory given greater weight by forensic investigator Willow Reeves' finds. But then the case takes another surprising turn with the arrival of Jerry's fiancee, carrying a memory stick he gave to her for safekeeping several weeks earlier.

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